Welcome to Tartu Student Village !
Welcome to fill in the accommodation application for Tartu Student Village. Please make sure that you have read through the application instructions and accommodation options and prices on our website.

If you are an exchange student, make sure you fill the application form for exchange students, the correct application link for exchange students is: https://ekyla.ut.ee/UTKohataotlus.aspx?lang=en&kt=-2

If you don't have an Estonian identification code, please write 0000 or 1234 or your own identification code from your local ID in the field of "Personal ID code".

Start by choosing the city where you are going to study. Please note that we offer accommodation in 3 different cities so be sure to mark only one city.

There can only be one application in the queue at a time. All suitable student residences can be marked on the application, but only one room type or room rate, so please make sure in advance that this room type meets your requirements. Student residence descriptions, room types and prices are available on the Student Village's website.

The priority order of the student residences can be marked on the application. If there are no more places in the first preferred student residence, we will offer a place in the student residence, which is listed as the next preference.

If you don't have an Estonian identification code, please write 0000 or 1234 or your own identification code from your local ID in the field of "Personal ID code".

It is possible to add various preferences or clarifications (eg the name of the desired roommate) into the comments section.
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When making an offer, we take your lifestyle into account if possible.
The submitted personal data is used for drawing up the residential agreement and forwarding information about accommodation application as well as necessary invoices. Personal data is processed in accordance with MTÜ Tartu Üliõpilasküla privacy policy